Crazy Monkey Leads Reviews – Stay AWAY

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According to the recent reviews about Crazy Monkey Leads there were many similar complaints from other agents about Crazy Monkeys and Linda. She promised to look into the matter once we sent her an email with the specifics of the said ‘bad appointments’. This means that even if their policy clearly states there are no refunds and NO replacements, it states Crazy Monkeys cannot even replace bad appointments.

See Rip off comments.

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Senior Insurance Leads Reviews and Complaints

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Rip-Off Senior Insurance Leads CompanySenior Insurance Leads call center from Mumbai India is a company that has been running for about a year. It is considered to be a scam due to several reasons. To start with, the company has a room, boiler room, filled with computer workstations where staff works. The workers at the company tend to make earnings that average about $1 per day. The company is managed by an individual who is known as Steve. He runs the organization in an unprofessional as he tends to demoralize his staff.

At the same time, his staff is made to generate Medicare types and life insurance types of appointments that do not have meaning. For example, Medicare insurance leads can be generated from children who are 11 years old and people who are disabled. Some of the Medicare insurance leads generated by the company come from people have no Medicare!

Employee orientation at Senior Insurance Leads is done poorly. In most companies, new employee orientation is done at least on a monthly basis. This is normally done as a means to ensure that the quality of the service provided by a company will not be compromised. However, at this company, the orientations are done four nights a week. With this in mind, the new employees are not trained well enough. They also will not have sufficient understanding of new systems.

This so call itself company is a pure scam. Please review Rip-Off Report and complaints:

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Hostelbookers (HB)

August 11, 2013 4 comments

A complaint against: Ltd
High Holborn, London, WC1V 6RL52-54
Registered Numbers: 2841908 England
Telephone: 44-(0)2074061800

On behalf of me and my husband, I turn to you in a matter of a misleading and lack of transparency performed by an online travel agency operating at the U.K.
This agency, Hostelbookers (HB) denies our legal and moral right to get a refund of a payment they charged us after we cancelled a reservation at a B&B. in Amsterdam. The cancellation took place after we found out that we were misled about the services supplied via the B&B. and learn, to our sorrow, about the booking cancellation dishonest policy of HB.

On 16 April 2013, looking for a room in Amsterdam via an Hebrew written website called Travelist we found the hostel Cribs B.B. . Both me and my husband saw that the deal at the Cribs includes breakfast. We decided to book the room for seven nights starting on May 20th (over a month in advance). Travelist directed us to complete the deal with Hostelbookers. We were asked by HB to supply our credit card details, and only after giving our bank the order to charge us on the amount of 71 Euros (10% of the deal) ,we got by email the confirmation of the deal (refernce confirmation no. 7128-8811406: at HB customers service).

Two days latter, On 18 April 2013, I read the details of the room and found out, to my surprise, that the confirmation we received does not include the detail about breakfast. Though it was promised at the original site which directed us to Hostelbookers, and though it’s called B&B. I decided to ask the costumer service of HB if the deal includes breakfast. They turned me to the Cribs declaring that we can cancel the deal, but the 10% they charged from our account is not refundable.
We decided to cancel the deal. The cancellation took place on April 18th.

From that moment on, I wrote to HB several emails explaining my demand for a refund of 71 Euros they charged from our bank account . They kept on ignoring my arguments and repeating two sentences: “no refunds” and “breakfast not included in the deal”. I wrote to them that I believe the commitment for breakfast was an honest mistake, but we don’t have to pay for it.
My main argument, completely ignored by HB (who did not bother to answer my last appeal) are these:

1. We were misled about the services we are going to get at the Cribs.

2. As a result of the misleading, we cancelled our reservation
within 48 hours.

3. The cancellation took place on April 18th: over a month before
the due hosting, on May 20th.

4. opposed to British law , we learned about HB’s cancellation policy (no refund on 10% of the deal) by email, only after we booked the room and gave HB the details of our credit card- which means they already instructed the bank to
charge us, without letting us know by email about their strict and
unfair policy.

There is also a misleading in the way the website of HB announces, in very big letters NO BOOKING FEES.

We shall be very grateful if you can order Hostelbookers to follow the law and basic decency , and order them to make a refund to our bank account.


Israel & Ora Arif Katz
Peretz Bernstein 20 st.
Jerusalem 96920

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Bessermachen WordPress com

July 13, 2012 1 comment

This complaint relates to data processed on during the period the first half of 2009 to the end of 2011.

A group of alleged 9 people is seen to have used the Blog in question as a sort of Database for the group’s joint activity.

The activity consists in investigation of individuals, in some way data processed on the political aspects, the group did not accept, and this has resulted in:

  • “Debatman1” was investigated for alleged Stalking etc..
  • “Literally” was hung for having threatened with Mass Executions of groups of persons.
  • “Retcute” to have the data processed information about political events contrary to what the group perceives this information.

Common to these people seems to be, that after the group’s view, a political persuasions different from the group and thus all belong to a certain right-wing party in Denmark, where the group’s leanings were more left-winged.

Not least, the exploration of “Debatman1” and “Retcute” appears in the database at to have the character of direct personal smear campaign, and in connection with the many defamatory information about the people behind these blog profile names, data were processed sensitive personal data.

The investigation involved an additional 2 persons where data were treated with the full name information.

One thereof was shown  to be ex-girlfriend ‘Strandbitch “to” Debatman1 “.

Since the investigation actually took place on TV2blog (a Danish Blog system closed as at January 1, 2012) were two of the Blog system responsible people at TV2 also got covered by the group’s investigation, and virtually criticized violently too with sensitive personal data.

On the one hand, accused the study of  crimes such as fraud, threats of mass murder, persecution, personal harassment, false accusations and the many derogatory terms to simultaneously show the people behind the blog profile names with their real names, such as Erik Palvig, Glennie Miller, Ricki Melchior, Ole Erling, Thomas Andersen.

Those name information is of the type which is quite clearly pointing precisely at the required identification data for the individuals concerned.

The Blog data collected includes copies of many posts by people but their own blogs in and partly by people at their posts during TV2blog.

In addition to these copies the database contains far more than 1.000 of comments to these posts.

Interventions acting alone on personal harassment.

On 24th November 2011 Peter L. Theisen writes on behalf of eight named team to the Parliamentary Legal Committee after the group had tried in vain to accuse TV2 for breaches of Mass Media Law.

This letter is found as a copy on

The purpose of the letter have certainly been trying to make the Parliament to tighten up the rules for how you as a private individual may be able to process data on the Social Blog Systems.

What Peter L. Theisen did too however, was to insert a full link to and hence to the large volume of data behind the investigations and the many accusations and roofing of sensitive personal data.

I have reviewed the data shown in and I have anonymously described how the group has worked and that they were investigating political opponents of the mentioned group.

This is written in Danish and can be downloaded in 3 PDF files on

Blog owner of “bessermachen” does not have data processed on his personal information.

The identity of him/her could easily be one of the 8 persons stated by name in that letter or  the one writing the letter.

The responsible for data processing the content of “” is, of course The Blog owner thereof.

However, there are other responsible of the group in connection with complaints to another body such as the Danish Data Protection Agency.

One of the most active thereof has closed his account – – in June 2012, perhaps under the impression of a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

It is not only in insulated cases, there are data processed sensitive personal data about individuals. It has happened numerous times and quite consciously.

Since the Blog basically is about shaming former co-bloggers for alleged irregularities and, since in these cases has not even been involved police and judiciary should, in my opinion require the Blog deleted its entirety.

For each day that passes exposed “” – and the group behind the spot – Erik Palvig, Glennie Miller, Ricki Melchior, Ole Erling, Thomas Andersen for unacceptable accusations and that alone that they exhibited with sensitive personal data is in clear violation with the Danish Personal Data.

Social Blog sites like ought not  host political attacks on private persons put in  “pillory” for derision.

The group in question started their “investigations” om their political enemies on a danish Blog Site, but had their posts erased by the responsible for that Blog system.

When porting the data to it made it more difficult  to get help from the responsible of the Blog System because of the language differences. (The Site in Question goes entirely in Danish)

In a case like this it is nearly impossible to explain precisely enough how this group  has hunted people and accused them for terrible things.

When I saw the published blog here in 2012 I began til dig into the database  to see exactly what was going on, and in my opinion it is far worse that I had thought possible because the investigated persons are nearly without any defense and can nearly only see how their enemies accuses them for more and more.

Each of the investigated have families and relationships and when their identities are published it harmed them personally .

Just to give you an example of how a group member of the mentioned group worked in order to give  personal sensible data about a political “enemy”.

He used his snetiger account and wrote a page with negative data about a private person and instead of writing the name of the treated person he made a link with link text = the Blog Profile Name but with the link address to the grandchild of the person in question.

So he achieved that his readers could see who he was writing about  with name and photo and even with several detailed data about the child in question.

I know that case because I was the person who was given name to at that way.

Today the said account is closed by the Blog “Owner”.

Your truly

Hans Dane

How to Write Complaint Letter?

June 27, 2012 2 comments

Advice to consumer on how to write a complaint letter.

As a consumer, there will always be instances when you feel that you are not getting what you paid for in a particular product or service. But instead of marching angrily into the manager’s office and launching into a tirade of angry words, it is always much better to let them know of your complaint in the form of a formal letter.

Writing a complaint letter is not difficult at all as long as you know exactly what it is that you are complaining about. First of all, if you want to receive some kind of reply regarding your issue, you have to include your complete name, address and contact numbers in your complaint letter. Besides, anonymous complaints are not usually given much attention.

As much as possible, a complaint letter should be typed or printed. If this is not possible, you as a consumer should write it in a legible handwriting. If you think your penmanship is not very readable, you should ask someone else to write it for you but do make sure that you sign the letter personally.

With regards to the body of the complaint letter, you should keep it concise and straight to the point. If you are complaining about a product, include the date of purchase and the branch where you bought the item. You should also include the serial number of the item to facilitate their checking. Similarly, it would be a good idea to include photocopies of pertinent documents like warranties.

Even though you may be angry about the poor service or inferior quality of product, avoid using a negative tone when writing your letter. Use a neutral tone and be courteous. Besides, the person who will be handling your complaint probably doesn’t even know about the problem so it’s not fair nor professional to take your frustration out on them.

Ashland Cloud Chasers

June 25, 2012 6 comments

Ashleind Cloud chasers and George Knapp

Note to the BBB: anything said about me may be a lie! Some people have it in for me, & see me as a target because I’m always alone without a family. it’s been like this since I left an abusive home on cottage st. Additionally, many times, I’m the only female at the cloud chasers, & never had any issue before this. Please be wary of what’s said about me, as id never been a trouble maker, nor have i ever gotten in the way or obstructed anything anyone was doing. Here’s the explanation:

This above place’s instructor Denny is TERRIBLE! I never did anything to this elder man, i don’t even know him, he’s a stranger to me. Well, on 6-23-12 i asked him if he was doing any more flying that day, & he said he may. When i told him i was interested in learning to fly, he flatly refused me as a student- forever. he refused to ever teach me to fly on a buddy box to learn how to fly a model aircraft. I’m wanting to one day get my own but I need a good instructor. Sadly, George Knapp who works out there as maintenance, told me that there’s no instructor willing to teach me to fly a model aircraft. He made me feel unwelcome there, & I never did anything to anyone out there. Additionally, he told me no one out there wants me around. Isn’t it funny that none of the members actually indicated that to me? In fact, the very day i was blessed to see an actual boomerang return to the thrower, i was actually invited to learn how to throw one myself,m& invited to practice with the owner. Boomerangs are actually really cool. Back to the topic, George, who’s been somewhat like a boyfriend to me has unexpectedly turned on me before, though very rare. I was just getting to know the people at the cloud chasers club, & learn about model aircraft, as I’m a new fan who’s very excited. Denny, who’s the club’s instructor, wasn’t very professional at all, & to have someone in position treat a perspective student like trash is a crying shame; & an outcry. The lessons are said to be free, so why am I excluded? I did nothing to deserve mistreatment, especially from someone who’s supposed to be an instructor! I was never given a fair chance just because Denny has something against me personally. If he’s so important in society, he should just go of past things, regardless of what did or didn’t happen: it shouldn’t matter. Denny supposedly knows a friend of mine, but neither of us did anything wrong.

I don’t even know Denny, & he thinks i flattened some tires, when really someone flattened mine last year. Someone was going around flattening tires, but i had nothing to do with it. George thinks i have a police record that he only thinks is easy to dig up, but Ashland police department has absolutely NOTHING on me whatsoever, so my accusers need to prove every word of their lousy accusations! my friend who happens to work at my local police department can absolutely confirm I’m NOT a trouble maker, NOR do I have a record. I think some very jealous people may be secretly destroying my good reputation behind my back, hindering any good thing that may be trying to come my way. I don’t even have much of a social life, so how can I get in trouble, & with whom?

Another thing I must share is that I don’t have a car, but only a small scooter, so my travel abilities are somewhat limited since most bikes don’t travel on interstates, & they’re seasonal. therefore, traveling to another town’s model plane club is questionable.
All this outbreak happened right when I just gained a budding interest & started getting very serious about entering the field of flying model aircraft. My question is,

Is the Ashland cloud chasers private, or a public?

They absolutely DO have a website, & i’d seen them in small ads previously, i think some flyer among other ads. If the club’s private, why haven’t they made this known to the public, via signs at the park entrance? If they’re public, why am I excluded from ever taking instruction when I’d never done anything, nor have I ever been given even so much as a fair chance? Ive already been judged by a total stranger whom i never even knew. When he asked if i remember him, of course i’ll say know, because I’ve never officially met him before. You can’t judge a book by its cover: you must READ that book. Something’s just not right here, as it CAN be absolutely PROVEN that i haven’t ever been in ANY type of trouble whatsoever. All that ever happened is my getting to know others out there who fly aircraft, & i NEVER got in ANYONE’S, way at ANY time, which they ALL know good & well. I even compliment excellent things I see, & am actually very cheerful to watch, but I also want my own plane to fly. The AMA was also alerted about this issue, as I think the cloud chasers may be somehow associated with places like this, as far as I know. Anyway, I’m new to all this. I just hate when someone wrongfully accuses me, & holds grudges for ANY reason. That’s just not very professional. That only burns what may turn out to be valuable bridges/relationships, & they may lose out on a good customer later when I get my own plane. I can tell you that i don’t recommend this place to any new student, & if asked, I’m sharing this letter, as I’ve absolutely NOTHING to hide here, & I’m NOT in the wrong here. If asked, I’m telling the whole truth about what happened. I won’t lie, in fact I’m spreading the word NOW as speak.

Many thanks to anyone there who can help: surely someone must be able to get to the bottom of this.

Company Information:

Us Highway 42 At Cleveland Ave,
Official website:

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FACTS Management

June 21, 2012 13 comments

Facts About Facts Management

Facts Management, the company strong-arming for Catholic school tuition charges an exorbitant monthly “convenience” fee if you choose to pay the tuition on your credit card which they deduct as an auto pay. Even if you want to pay the whole amount up front they still charge the same fee, no breaks given for paying early. The “convenience” fee is for whose convenience?

To avoid that fee, you can choose to have them deduct it from your checking account, which is risky in any auto pay process. It’s like big brother. And then on top of it they charge a fee when you enroll in the program. I wonder if the archdiocese is aware of FACTS Management nickel and dimming the customer. And I am insulted by the insinuation that I’m a deadbeat and can’t pay my child’s tuition on a monthly basis OR immediately up front directly to the school. I wonder how much they are charging the school to provide this service. Believe me they ARE becoming a monopoly and that’s never good for business because there is no competition.

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