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The Lead Champion – Reviews, Complaints

The Lead Champion Reviews – 4.3.12

Lead ChampionI would like to complaint about The Lead champion – telemarketing company in Linwood, NC.

In order to promote the business of our company we opted for a trial order of 25 Pre-set Final Expense Leads – appointments. The mistakes started happening from the very beginning as they set appointments for Orange Co. California instead of Orange Co. Florida. Immediately I got on the phone with The Lead Champion to inquire about the problem. They were highly apologetic and stated that they would replace these appointments with the new ones as well as include three extra appointments free of charge as an apology for the mistake.

All of this happened on Monday March 5th 2012. As we had appointments for the whole week, we expected that the new ones would come on Monday next week, which was March 12. On Monday nothing happened, no replacement, no notification. I picked up the phone once again but there was no one on the other end. I started sending emails, but they too were left unanswered. I tried everything possible to get in touch with them for several days, but still had no success. Suddenly it came to my mind that they might be screening the calls. They probably knew who was calling and they did not want to deal with my problems. Then my colleague stepped in and pretended that she was interested in purchasing the leads from them. She also mentioned my name and that I was experiencing some kind of problem, as I could not contact The Lead Champion in any way.

They offered her the appointments, which they set for Monday 26. She accepted but demanded that three extra appointments were scheduled for Tuesday. When the time came, no appointments for Monday were sent but instead, all the appointments were scheduled for Tuesday. As we did not have time to do them, due to our prior obligations and meetings, we did not do them.

When I finally got to the account manager and requested a refund for my leads, she refused it. She was not ready to hear any of the complaints that I had and said that she had already sent the new leads to my colleague. I asked her how she could have done something like that, as my colleague did not even have any authority over my account. She was not even listed on the contract as an authorized contact. Even further, I demanded to speak to her superior but there was no one. Whenever I called, it was she who answered the phone. I have saved all the emails sent and received by them as a proof that my story is true. I paid $875 for 25 leads. And this money is forever lost.

I am sick and tired of having to deal with them. I have stated a hundred times and will do here as well, that I do not want yet another batch of completely useless appointments, but the refund. The Lead Champion is so shameless and will do anything to cheat people off and steal their money. So all other agents, be aware of the fraudulent nature of this company and don’t let get ripped off in the way that I have. Don’t trust them – this company is SCAM!

Address: The Lead Champion P.O. Box 585 Linwood, NC 27299
John R.
Orange Co. California
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