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This complaint relates to data processed on bessermachen.wordpress.com during the period the first half of 2009 to the end of 2011.

A group of alleged 9 people is seen to have used the Blog in question as a sort of Database for the group’s joint activity.

The activity consists in investigation of individuals, in some way data processed on the political aspects, the group did not accept, and this has resulted in:

  • “Debatman1” was investigated for alleged Stalking etc..
  • “Literally” was hung for having threatened with Mass Executions of groups of persons.
  • “Retcute” to have the data processed information about political events contrary to what the group perceives this information.

Common to these people seems to be, that after the group’s view, a political persuasions different from the group and thus all belong to a certain right-wing party in Denmark, where the group’s leanings were more left-winged.

Not least, the exploration of “Debatman1” and “Retcute” appears in the database at wordpress.com to have the character of direct personal smear campaign, and in connection with the many defamatory information about the people behind these blog profile names, data were processed sensitive personal data.

The investigation involved an additional 2 persons where data were treated with the full name information.

One thereof was shown  to be ex-girlfriend ‘Strandbitch “to” Debatman1 “.

Since the investigation actually took place on TV2blog (a Danish Blog system closed as at January 1, 2012) were two of the Blog system responsible people at TV2 also got covered by the group’s investigation, and virtually criticized violently too with sensitive personal data.

On the one hand, accused the study of  crimes such as fraud, threats of mass murder, persecution, personal harassment, false accusations and the many derogatory terms to simultaneously show the people behind the blog profile names with their real names, such as Erik Palvig, Glennie Miller, Ricki Melchior, Ole Erling, Thomas Andersen.

Those name information is of the type which is quite clearly pointing precisely at the required identification data for the individuals concerned.

The Blog data collected includes copies of many posts by people but their own blogs in wordpress.com and partly by people at their posts during TV2blog.

In addition to these copies the database contains far more than 1.000 of comments to these posts.

Interventions acting alone on personal harassment.

On 24th November 2011 Peter L. Theisen writes on behalf of eight named team to the Parliamentary Legal Committee after the group had tried in vain to accuse TV2 for breaches of Mass Media Law.

This letter is found as a copy on bessermachens.wordpress.com

The purpose of the letter have certainly been trying to make the Parliament to tighten up the rules for how you as a private individual may be able to process data on the Social Blog Systems.

What Peter L. Theisen did too however, was to insert a full link to bessermachen.wordpress.com and hence to the large volume of data behind the investigations and the many accusations and roofing of sensitive personal data.

I have reviewed the data shown in bessermachen.wordpress.com and I have anonymously described how the group has worked and that they were investigating political opponents of the mentioned group.

This is written in Danish and can be downloaded in 3 PDF files on antung.dk

Blog owner of “bessermachen wordpress.com” does not have data processed on his personal information.

The identity of him/her could easily be one of the 8 persons stated by name in that letter or  the one writing the letter.

The responsible for data processing the content of “bessermachen.wordpress.com” is, of course The Blog owner thereof.

However, there are other responsible of the group in connection with complaints to another body such as the Danish Data Protection Agency.

One of the most active thereof has closed his account – snetiger.wordpress.com – in June 2012, perhaps under the impression of a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

It is not only in insulated cases, there are data processed sensitive personal data about individuals. It has happened numerous times and quite consciously.

Since the Blog basically is about shaming former co-bloggers for alleged irregularities and, since in these cases has not even been involved police and judiciary should WordPress.com, in my opinion require the Blog deleted its entirety.

For each day that passes exposed “bessermachen.wordpress.com” – and the group behind the spot – Erik Palvig, Glennie Miller, Ricki Melchior, Ole Erling, Thomas Andersen for unacceptable accusations and that alone that they exhibited with sensitive personal data is in clear violation with the Danish Personal Data.

Social Blog sites like wordpress.com ought not  host political attacks on private persons put in  “pillory” for derision.

The group in question started their “investigations” om their political enemies on a danish Blog Site, but had their posts erased by the responsible for that Blog system.

When porting the data to wordpress.com it made it more difficult  to get help from the responsible of the Blog System because of the language differences. (The Site in Question goes entirely in Danish)

In a case like this it is nearly impossible to explain precisely enough how this group  has hunted people and accused them for terrible things.

When I saw the published blog here in 2012 I began til dig into the database  to see exactly what was going on, and in my opinion it is far worse that I had thought possible because the investigated persons are nearly without any defense and can nearly only see how their enemies accuses them for more and more.

Each of the investigated have families and relationships and when their identities are published it harmed them personally .

Just to give you an example of how a group member of the mentioned group worked in order to give  personal sensible data about a political “enemy”.

He used his snetiger wordpress.com account and wrote a page with negative data about a private person and instead of writing the name of the treated person he made a link with link text = the Blog Profile Name but with the link address to the grandchild of the person in question.

So he achieved that his readers could see who he was writing about  with name and photo and even with several detailed data about the child in question.

I know that case because I was the person who was given name to at that way.

Today the said account is closed by the Blog “Owner”.

Your truly

Hans Dane

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