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Steps to fix online reputation

April 5, 2012 Leave a comment

How to fix internet Reputation?

Having a website on the internet might mean that you will need to fix online reputation at one point or another. This being the case, you may not know what it entails and how you can go about it. However, there is a simple process that will ensure you fix your reputation not only in an easy fashion, but also in a way that will be effective. So, you may be wondering how you can start this process. In most cases, you need to follow three simple steps that will assure you get your reputation fixed. The first thing you have to invest in is new content. Once you have gotten new content, you will have to create links to new pages that will be together with the new content. Finally, you will need to have positive reviews posted. A combination of these three methods will ensure you have a better reputation.

  • The first step to take to ensure fix online reputation works is by getting new content. New content is simply gotten by making sure there are articles and press release which are written with concern to your business. The content should be about latest news and products rather than a re-write of the previous content you had. If you use re-writes, you run a risk of getting not only low traffic but rejections by some article submission sites.
  • The only way you can get the best new content is by getting a service provider who can assure you get fresh content. Information in your articles and press releases should not be similar to the information you have gotten. A good writing service can provide this kind of information to ensure you have the best and most appealing new content that you can get. This is the first and most important way of making sure you have kick started your fix online reputation campaign.
  • Once you have gotten the content, the creation of new websites should be done. New web pages can be done through using a web design service if you do not have one of your own. The sites you create should focus on your business and they should be used to upload the new content. Such sites can have a different outlook from you original sites. Bear in mind that link building will also play an important role in this kind of business. If you do not get good link building services, you will fail in the second step. Link building should be done by an SEO service provider who has a good track record. This way, your new content will have an impact in your fix online reputation campaign.
  • Finally, a creation of positive review should be done. Positive reviews can come from clients who previously used your product and those that are new to it. The positive reviews can be posted on review sites that had negative reviews about your product. When you follow this process, you can easily move bad reports, like the rip-off report from the first page of a search engine to other unpopular pages.

This is how you can do a successful fix online reputation campaign.


What is involved in Reputation repair services?

April 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Reputation repair services involve some crucial step that you should know about.

Reputation Repair ServicesThese steps will determine whether you are getting a good service or you are just getting a service that will have the job done halfway. Knowing these steps is the only way you can be sure of getting quality services. The first step in this kind of service is an assessment of the situation. An assessment is done by looking at the history of the website concerned. Normally, a Rip-off report causes a site to loose traffic. To handle the situation, you should know the amount of traffic that you had before the report and the number you have once the report started working. Knowing this is very important and should not be assumed to be a simple step.

  • Once an assessment is done, the next step is the creation of new content. A good Reputation repair services provider will have the content create according to the assessment they had initially done. New content is done in the form of press releases, new web pages, new posts and other types of content that the service provider will find useful in getting rid of the Rip-off Report. Various type of content will be needed depending on the size of your business and the damage that has been done. If the damage is a lot, the content needed will be a lot.
  • In some cases the content may need to be diversified in order to have tangible results. Content should be handled by the same provider. This way, they will have hands-on experience with the report and will know which kind of content will be used to best handle the situation. Using a different provider for the content can work but it will not assure you of quality results. This is also a crucial part that you should make sure a Reputation repair services provider takes into consideration.
  • Link building is the next step once the content has been created. In this case, you will have to link your content strategically. The service provider should know how to go about this. If the content is not lined properly, you may experience some time before the Rip-off Report is completely moved. Since the report causes loss of business, it is important to make sure it is removed as soon as possible. The linking should also be effective and should last for as long as possible if the Reputation repair services will work for your business.

Monitoring of the status of the site should be done by the service provider. Monitoring is important as you will get real time updates on the progress of the reputation management. If you do not get monitoring service, you may not be able to know if the work done was effective or not. At the same time, you will not be able to know if you need to change your strategy in case it fails. The provider offering the service should give you monitoring services and reports on the progress. A company like AAA Rank is a good place to start as they have all these services. This is how you get effective Reputation repair services.